Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Carried Away End of Summer Business Tips (& Life Too)

get you summer on!

Before the lazy days of summer end, take a moment to assess where you are at this mid-year point, and embrace the last few weeks of summer. Here are 7 tips to get the most out of the season, and get ready to rule at Fall: 

  • First and foremost, it’s SUMMER! Have you taken a vacation? Even if it is just an overnight or a quick weekend getaway or camping trip, make sure you take some time to celebrate the season so you can get back to work when the weather cools without feeling like you missed out.
  • Give yourself time to enjoy the weather and summer activities: eat outside, go to a museum, treat yourself to ice cream or watermelon… anything that says summer. And take a moment to really enjoy it! Create a memory that you can call up when things get busy again. 

I ran over to the Conservatory of Flowers to see the rare Corpse Flower bloom!

  • Allow your team (Family? Colleagues? Staff?) the time they deserve for summer as well. A few days away does more than you can quantify.
  • Just as it is important to be present in the summer, it is a good idea to mark the end of summer as well. Have a bonfire! Or one last picnic or BBQ. Outdoor movie night? An office day at the ball park? Start a tradition that will help everyone transition to Fall. 
    eat this now :)

  • Look ahead to the change in schedules that will happen soon. Are the kids starting different schools? Will staff members all return from vacation? Do your office hours change? Do you need to test out a new commute? Now is the time to make sure you have systems in place for Fall. Doing a few dry runs can’t hurt!
  • Think about the Holidays. Every year I tell my clients to work on this well before they need to because there may be discounts available for early orders, plus there is time to try out new ideas. The earlier plans for holiday cards, promotions and parties can be solidified, the better. Don't be a part of the mad rush at the last minute!
  • And finally, this is a good time to take a 1 day retreat to asses your business (& or life!) goals to make sure you are on track for the busy end of the year. It is just past the half-way point: not too late to turn things around if you need to. Write down your goals for the rest of the year and commit yourself to meeting them. A master at goal setting is Darren Hardy and you can find some of his worksheets here. I am also running end-of-summer specials on my most popular marketing packages. Contact me if I can help you!

Now what are you waiting for, get our there and summer it up! 

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