Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mine goes to 11: Romantic Things I Can't Forget

Forget the clichés of roses and lingerie, what is truly romantic? These things stick with me because they are unusual, show that time and research was employed or go beyond the typical. Big gesture or small, romance is showing that you are thinking of the other person rather than yourself. Here is my list:

  • “I’d throw myself on a grenade for you” (most romantic thing a man has ever said to me.)
  • Reading poetry aloud to you while you bathe. Bonus points: in a foreign language.
  • Ordering a sandwich without mayo, to share, even though he would have had it on his.
  • Knowing how you take your coffee and ordering for you.
  • Sending you a TV streaming device when you are on bed rest.
  • Taking you to a concert and buying you a soda pop, because you are 13, on your first date.
  • Working out together. Bonus points: not making fun of you in your workout gear.
  • Introducing you with pride to his friends.
  • Texting you when your song comes on. 30 years later!
  • Recommending a good book based on shared interests.
  • Drawing your picture on his skateboard with Sharpie. 

What's on your list, or what can you do for your Valentine this year that they will put on theirs? 

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